Tamanho do processo

Não consigo aumentar o comprimento da raia no desenho de processo grande.

Existe um limite de tamanho?

Além disso, há um limite de quantidade de atividades?

As edições começam a travar com processo muito complexos.

Há alguma opção para melhorar essa funcionalidade?


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Dear Aline,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. There most likely is a limit in the size of pools in diagrams, although there is not too many people who get to that limit and need to expand it.

Regarding the performance issues you are experiencing when working in very complex processes, this has to do with the RAM of your machine that is shared among every program running active on your computer. So, our suggestion in these cases would be to close those programs you are not using so that Bizagi Modeler may use as much as the RAM as possible; or increase the RAM in your computer.

Additionally, we would kindly suggest that you comply with BPMN best practices, one of which is using sub processes to keep the main process clean and as simple as possible rather than putting every detail of a process in only one diagram. This might also help with the performance issue you are reporting and the lit set to the size of a pool/lane.

Best regards,

Laura G


Thanks for the reply Laura.

Regards, Aline

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