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Sub process not found.

Whenever I replace the subprocess's original pool with another one (copy and paste function), the process stops reading and finding the subprocess.

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Dear Agatha,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. This happened because you deleted the original/default pool in Diagram 3. When models, diagrams, and elements in diagrams are created through Bizagi Modeler, the information is stored as an xml which states the id of each element within a diagram (pools, lanes, events, tasks, gateways, etc.). Deleting the original pool in Diagram 3 deletes the actual element, so the sub process "Task 2" in Diagram 1 is pointing to something that is non-existent (because the pasted process from Diagram 2 will keep its original id).

If you want to copy+paste the process from a diagram to another diagram, the process would be to copy and paste the elements within the pool into the target pool, rather than copying and pasting everything.

We hope this helps solve the issue you are experiencing.

Kind regards,

Laura G

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