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Não consigo Reativar Trabalho Online

Utilizo a versão do plano Workgroup do Bizagi Modeler.

Habilitei o trabalho offline para todos os diagramas de um modelo específico, ao tentar habilitar o trabalho ONLINE aparece a seguinte mensagem de erro: "Controls created on one thread cannot be parented to a control on a different thread."

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Dear Patricia,

Thank you for contacting us with this issue. Since you have a Workgroup license still active, we recommend that you contact the Support team directly through the creation of a support ticket (https://help.bizagi.com/bpm-suite/en/index.html?supportguide.htm). They may be able to help you more promptly.

If you are not able to create such ticket, please let us know so we may help you proceed.

Best regards,

Laura G