Não consigo descobrir como corrigir o modelo ao aparecer a mensagem "A transição não está conectada"

Apareceu a mensagem "A transição não está conectada" e não vincula a mensagem à origem do problema.

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Dear Ricardo,

Thank you for letting us know. Usually, this error you mention happens when you created a connection between two elements (tasks, events, or gateways), then deleted the receiving end of that connection, and then created another connection with another element. Deleting the receiving end of a connection won't delete the connection itself, and it might get "hidden" behind another connection or element that you are not noticing yet. Other possible reason is that an actual connection is not totally in contact with one of the ends (if it's connected, the ends will appear green).

Our recommendation would be to select the error message so that it might show you which connection is causing the error and confirm whether it's useful or should be deleted. If no connection is highlighted somehow, we would suggest you move each element around a little so that the disconnection that's causing the error might show.

We hope this helps you.

Best regards,

Laura G

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