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Change in License Options

To Assess Fernando M. Licensing Comments: 1 Reply 2 months ago by Diego C.
15 votes

Poderiam disponibilizar o Bizagi para MAC também né?

Declined Augusto D. App Comments: 2 Reply 3 months ago by Augusto D.
2 votes

Unlimited characters in the Annotation box

To Assess Doriana Z. Process Modeling Comments: 1 Reply 3 months ago by Sten S.
6 votes

Publish to web in the Free version

To Assess Andrea B. 4 months ago Import/Export No Comments
11 votes

Locate flowchart errors

To Assess Daniel C. 4 months ago Improvement suggestions No Comments
4 votes

Bitte Sprachkontrolle einführen

To Assess Daniel C. Improvement suggestions Comments: 2 Reply 4 months ago by Daniel C.
1 vote

Version for Individual Professional

Declined Gabriela B. Comments: 3 Reply 4 months ago by Laura G.
4 votes

Bizagi for IOS

Declined Michelle E. App Comments: 1 Reply 5 months ago by Laura G.
4 votes
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