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Allowing lanes in sub processes

Accepted Daisuke O. Process Modeling Comments: 19 Reply 2 years ago by Yong T.
61 votes

Align and Distribute

Accepted JM 10 years ago Process Modeling No Comments
8 votes

Move and resize text in connectors (and other elements).

Accepted sam Comments: 18 Reply 6 years ago by Walter T.
4 votes

Visio 2010

Accepted Leon V. 10 years ago No Comments
17 votes

Export to mediawiki 1.18

Accepted Danilo 10 years ago No Comments
6 votes

Support for Sharepoint 2010

Accepted Johan A. 10 years ago No Comments
8 votes

Highlighter in presentation mode

Accepted Bouvart Publishing Comments: 2 Reply 1 year ago by Katharina R.
14 votes
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