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Why is there a minimum size set on Milestones

Milestones are useful especially for processes based on a "stage gate" methodology. However sometimes a phase could be very "small" just containing a single activity. But in Bizagi it looks like that the width of a "Milestone" can't be less that 260 PX. That creates some unnecessary space in the process charts. So is there a way of walk around this or is there a limitation that could be removed allowing for milestones being less that 260 px wide?

Version of Bizagi: - 64-Bit

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Good morning Sten, you´re right, there is a minimum size for the Milestones, even if the name is a single letter. This is how the Modeler was designed. I hope this is not a big problem for you.

If you want to suggest a change in this matter, please use the topic Ideas, so the comment will be delivered to our Product team.

Thank you.