Where do I find the "extended mode" in Bizagi modeler

I need the extended mode to model to use the event-sub-process. But since I installed the new modeler I cannot switch to extended mode any more and do not find the event sub process any more.

Can you help me?

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Dear Christine,

Thank you for your question. The latest version of the Modeler ( has the feature. Please feel free to download it using the following link.

Also, this article explains the process to access that feature:

In case you encounter the same issue, please let us know by creating a new topic and including a screenshot of your model view.

Kind regards,

Laura G


I installed the new version, but still there is no "extended mode".

I would like to use the subprocesses of type "ad_hoc" or type "is transaction", but they are not available in the new version of Bizagi modeler.

In the the screenshots you see what it used to look like in the "old Bizagi version" and then what it looks like in the new version.


Hello Christine, it seems from your pics that you are trying to set the property "is transaction" or "is ad-hoc", to a "call activity". These properties apply only to normal (non reusable) subprocesses.