Where can I find assistance on Diagram Printing Troubleshooting?

I have a model with several diagrams in it. For some reason, one of the diagrams won't print correctly. The text is unclear and some of the vertical lines are missing. It's using the same printer/settings as the other diagrams in the model, but it is the only one with the issues.

Can you point me to any documentation that might give me an answer, please?

Printed copy of the diagram:

Print Preview of the same diagram:

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Dear Mike,

We do not have a section for printing troubleshooting but for common problems and questions you can search here at the topics in progress or solved in our Modeler Community and also take look in our knowledge base

For this specific problem, we notice that the line is missing in a physical printing of model and not on a published diagram. We advise you to export/publish your model first and then print it. Maybe the problem is in the direct print action from Bizagi Modeler.

You can export your model as a PNG image and also publish it as word or pdf and then print it. Please let us know the results. Sorry for the inconveniences and thanks for your understanding.

Best regards.