Need Answer

What is the tag parameter in xml file to change the alignment to justified ?

I changed the fonts in the configuration file "DefaltElementConfig.xml" in "C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Bizagi Process Modeler\".

In the file, I was able to define the fonts of the elements, using the tag <Elements> and in the description of the elements, using the tag <DocumentationConfigurarion>.

However, in the <DocumentationConfiguration> tag I can only set the font name, font size, font style and font color.


  1. <DocumentationConfiguration>

    <FontName> Times New Roman</FontName>

    <FontSize> 12 </FontSize>

    <FontColor> Black </FontColor>


Does anyone know the parameter to change the Font Alignment? By defaut is left and I would like to change it to justified.