what and where is the latest version of BizAgi modeler for free download? Tell me what I need... Let me choose what I want.

What is the latest version of BizAgi modeler for free download? The website doesn't explicity identify the current (most recent) version, nor does it provide easy access to prior versions. So we never know whether I have the latest version. Let us get to the "Downloads" area, see what it the latest download, or get an older one if we need it. Your website should not just blindly download and install kits named "BizagiModelerSetup_x64.exe" or "BizagiModelerSetup_x86.exe". This causes confusion, frustration and technical support calls. Your download should detect which BizAgi Modeler version we have installed, and give us the option to install a later one if we need one. Make all of these things really clear in an obvious place. Great software otherwise. Keep up the good work. Thank you.Rich Lysakowski

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Dear Rich,

In our download site, there is a label with our last version and the date: Version 2.9 (19/01/15). We always have our last release there.

To check your Modeler version, you can go to the help tab and then go About:


If you mind, you can create it as an idea for a future release.



Hi, I downloaded the last version of bizagi modeler, but when I try to

log in using my free account, a problem occurs. I can't complete the

login process