Web Publishing Documentation: Problems with Internet Explorer 11

I am web publishing the process documentation. The documentation used to be visible in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, I recently have problems in Internet Explorer 11. All the links to the process diagrams are still available but the process diagrams are not visible anymore (after opening the link). However, it still works in all the other browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). I am using the bizagi modeler version How do I fix the problem with Internet Explorer 11? Thank you for helping.

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Dear Manuel,

What is the screen that you are seeing when trying to web publish to internet explorer?

1. Is it a blank screen?

2. Is it a question asking to allow content?

Usually, the blank screen appears if you do not choose the option "Allow blocked content" quickly. Please let us know what is happening in detail to provide you with adequate troubleshooting.

Best regards.


Thank you for your reply. The problem was solved after removing a recent Internet Explorer update.