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Hi all,

Is it possible to have the Basic Flowchart shapes of Microsoft Visio pallete in Bizagi, with the same forms and dimensions?

I need to import a file from Microsoft Visio. The standard for this model is the Basic Flowchart stencil. So, when I import it to Bizagi, elements like start, end and gateways became truncated (its size and shape).

Other point is when I try to resize gateways. I noticed that it is not possible to resize them in widht and height upper to 60px. And also it doesn't allow resizing only width or height. It is always, for instance 60x60 or 50x50. I need a gateway with 90x40 size. Is that possible?

If anyone could help me on that it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards.

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Dear Carlos,

To resolve your question, bear in mind the following steps:

The stencils that are currently supported are those shown below: hmfile_hash_53aee43d

For each stencil, you may review which elements are supported and how are they mapped in Bizagi:


You will need to ensure that your Visio model uses one of this stencils instead of “EPC Diagram shapes”.


For further information:

Best regards


I believe I did not make myself clear on this topic. I don't need to import Visio Shapes. Actually, I need Basic Flowchart shapes (not necessarilly from Visio) within Bizagi. The same way Visio has BPM shapes, I need to now if it is possible to have flowchart shapes in Bizagi.



Hi Carlos,

We apologise for the late reply, I appreciate that the situation will have changed since your last comment.

Bizagi Modeler shapes are based on BPMN 2.0 shapes therefore there is not currently a feature to import shapes into the Bizagi Modeler palette. However, you can create custom artifacts from images on your PC, if you would like to represent information that is not directly related to your flow. For details on custom artifacts, please see this page:

Please let us know if this has resolved your problem, we look forward to your response.

Kind regards,

David Foster