Very slow and crashing program!

Dear, I use Bizagi version (64-bit). My computer is a Core I5, 7th Ger, 8GB Ram memory and HD SSD 128. When moving anything, the program slows down very slowly. It appears that the program is not responding and comes back and hangs up. It's really bad working with Bizagi this way. When it checks the use of memory, it gets high memory usage peaks but even so, at 8GB nothing was going to happen.

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Dear Carlos,

We have fixed these kind of issues in our latest 3.3 version. Please download it from our web site (at and proceed to upgrade it.

Best Regards


Hi Juan

I'm using version and the behavior is the same.

Intel i5

16 GB of RAM

Can you help us?


Hi Cesar,

Regarding your issue we would recommend you download the latest version of the modeler,, since it's more stable that the previous ones. Here is the link, feel free to use it.

If the issue persists for you, we suggest you open a new topic with the details, that way it will be easier for us and the rest of the community to address it and help you solve it (recent comments on posts this old tend to get lost),

Best regards,

Laura G