Vertical pools and lanes


Is it possible to create a vertical pool?

For some process diagrams it can be pleasant.

Thank you very much!

And... BizAgi is really helpful software, thank you for it.

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In a BPM project we normally find teams of people from different disciplines (end-users, process analysts, IT) who need to collaborate and work together.

The BPMN standard notation is the common language used by these different types of users, and based on our experience, drawing models horizontally seems to be a more natural/preferred way of doing it.

This is why Bizagi handles horizontal pools and lanes; and not vertical which seems to be popular mainly among IT people.

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Vertical pools and swimlanes are a requirement for my employer to use any BPMN 2.0 tool, including BizAgi. The BPMN 2.0 standard does not specify ONLY horizontal swimlanes, it supports both.

BizAgi is out of compliance with the BPMN standard. BizAgi developers are forcing their (limited) view on the people who pay the bills... customers.

Add vertical swimlanes and pools AND SUPPORT THEM. Until then you lose my company's business. I asked my managers whether we can use only horizontal swimlanes and pools. They said NO because we have used vertical swimlanes for so many projects so far. Converting the diagrams will take too much weeks of work for no benefit other than to support an inflexible product. Other tools support vertical BPMN 2.0 swimlanes, so we will go with another BPMN-compliant tool. We need a product that is flexible and support current users ways of working.

Please address our requirements and comply with the BPMN 2.0 standard. I would love to use and recommend your products (like I did at 2 previous jobs). Until then, my company is forced to use another vendor's products. Too bad. Such a nice product concept, poor execution. Get out and talk to more real organizations and customers.


I'm creating models right now that I'm required to put in a vertically set pages in a Word document and I can't make it work with the horizontal pool layout :(


Dear Users,

This is not considered for the product roadmap.