Versionning of a same process automatically in Bizagi


Is it possible to have a versionning of a same process automatically in Bizagi Modeler?

Maybe this feature is already available in Enterprise plan?


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Dear Tomasz,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. The diagram attribute called "version" in the diagram properties (a text box that can be edited manually) has no value set automatically, as you might have already found out. This happens because we are aware that different users or groups might want to establish a different paradigm for versioning so we cannot set only one.

However, there is a feature called "History revision" currently on paid licenses (I would have to check it this is going to be included in the next version of the Bizagi Modeler for free use). This feature generates and assigns an automatic number for each revision made to the same diagram. You can read more about the feature here:

Let us know if this answer your question.

Best regards,

Laura G