URGENT: Unable to open model from the cloud

I saw another topic that is similar but I wanted to ensure this gets looked at quickly. I have many models stored in the cloud and I cannot open them either in the desktop app OR from the web portal. When I open from the desktop I get the response attached after it tries to load for about a minute:"Response status code does not indicate success: 500 (internal server error)"

I have my client files in the cloud and I need access urgently.

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Dear Phil, Amanda, Alessandra, Cristiano, and DarkSouls,

We are so sorry that you are experiencing issues accessing your cloud models. Could you please confirm to us if you used to have a paid individual license with Bizagi (either Workgroup or Professional)?

Since April 2022 those licenses were removed from the paid options with Bizagi, and its users would supposedly still have access to their cloud models locally. So, we would like to have enough information to diagnose the issue properly.

Kind regards,

Laura G


Hi Laura,

No I have never had a paid individual license, and the problem seems to be resolved now anyway. I was able to open my cloud models today.

Amanda Bennett