Unable to update Bizagi to version 2.6

Since I have a new laptop (old laptop updating was no problem) I am unable to update Bizagi. No matter how many times I download the latest installer from Bizagi, 2.6 won't install.Using it as an update doesn't work.Uninstalling and reinstalling using the new installer doesn't work.Restarting doesn't help.Bizagi stays in version no matter what I do, and I get a prompt to update everytime I start the program. As a result, I am unable to open files that are created using a newer version.


Dear Laura,

In order to best help you, we need some information about your environment:

  • Operating System
  • Technology (x32 or x64)
  • Do you have Administrative Rights?
  • What is the message when you try to install the latest version?

Thank you in advance


Hello Juan,

  • Windows 7
  • x64
  • Yes I have admin rights
  • I don't get any message, it seems to install just fine.

But today I discovered something that makes me think the problem lies somewhere else.If I first open Bizagi and then open the files from within Bizagi, I have no problems.Opening the files from within the windows exporer causes the message about the newer version to show. Since I have this workaround, the problem is for me personally not blocking anymore :)