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Unable To Save Local Model To Cloud (No Errors, Just No Clear Option)

Hi Team,

Following the below help article does not match what I'm seeing.

I created some models and saved them locally, then I subscribed to the professional plan to test the simulation function and decided to start creating a cloud repository to see how that felt. I created a space called 'Company Profile' in the Modeler Services Cloud and started to structure folders in there.

Now, I want to save the locally created files into the new repository and following the above help article, when I go to Save As it just gives me the option to Save (doesn't allow me to see the existing spaces?) (Attached Screenshot 1.png). If I click save and follow through saving it it just creates a new space (Screenshot 2.png).

I want to save this model into a folder in the existing space 'Company Profile'.

Am I missing something here?? Surely it should be as simple as selecting an existing space when saving as?

Any ideas / guidance would be greatly appreciated.


I've looked in the forums and although this seems related, its not what I'm experiencing

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Dear Tyler,

We apologize for the delay in answering your question. If you haven't already, please follow the following link to create a request for further assistance with cloud folders and spaces.

Kind regards,

Laura G