Unable to open my model

I try to open one of my models (Outbound Customs Compliance sub processes), but when I do so, Bizagi returns an error saying "Model can't be opened because it has been marked as off-line by another user in this machine".

I don't understand this statement: what is 'this machine' referring to? It's not my own machine because there is no 'other user'; I'm the only user.

When another user, with whom I shared the model, tries to open it, he get the statement 'Diagram is currently being edited by Frank Koldijk' (that's me). Please advise.

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Dear Frank,

When a model is being modified by multiple users, there is an option that will allow continuing working with the model. This option is Check Out/Check In. An image is attached to show you where this option is located.

Please review the option to verify if this is actually the cause of the problem.

Best regards.