This modeler is that slow...

Hi again,

I've been using Bizagi for a while with small processes (only few boxes and gateways).

Now the story is different as I model more interesting processes.

This modeler is not designed for modeling 'big' processes, I mean more than 15 activities...

It freezes and it's very slow when trying to move activities or gateways, etc.

*** My version:

*** My computer:

- OS: Windows 10

- CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6600U CPI @ 2.60GHz 2.81GHz

- RAM: 16,0 Go

- System: 64 bits, x64

I'm comparing again with Camunda, less nice, but far more responsive.

There was a fix provided some time ago that seemd to solve the slow performance issue, but since some releases it becomes a nightmare again.

What will me make continue with Bizagi rather than changing definitely?

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Dear user,

Although your computer has very good technical specifications and also it has the latest Windows OS, Bizagi Modeler may present some performance issues due to some screen resolutions that are still not supported. We are already working on it, to have a better product in terms of capability and performance too.

We propose you to do an upgrade to our most recent version (downloadable at and if the problem persists we will look immediately for another solution.

Best regards.


Olá boa tarde!

Após atualizar para ultima versão 3.4.0168, tenho percebido também mais lentidão no modelador, isso ocorre quando tem um grande numero de objetos.

Algumas vezes preciso mudar uma lane de lugar, e quando tento fazer isso o modelador trava, sendo necessário reinicia-lo.

Já existe alguma solução para esse problema?

Configurações do meu computador:

Windows 10

HD de 240gb SSD

8gb de memória

Processador i7, 3ª geração


This modeling tool is massively resource hungry, even internationally hosted BPM cloud services are faster to work on/in, i'm running the modeller on an alienware R4 and constantly having to wait for it to catch up to object movement, typing, lane creation etc and quite often end up with a (not responding) message as it self corrects memory usage.

Screen resolution is absolutely irrelevant to the application performance, i've read quite a few of the 'slow performance' posts in here and all seem to be responded to with a generic response of 'download the latest' or 'check resolution' or 'tell us more' this problem is inherent in the application and there is minimal to no customisation of settings relating to performance or cutting down componenet usage or network resource usage, i've even attempted to use the tool completely offline, isolated from internet hoping there is some performance improvement, and no improvement. comparatively prime, aris, and quite a few other non cloud and cloud tools are in a completely different ball park for performance.



The product and its features, they now have multiple changes. If you have not found a solution to your problem yet, we recommend downloading our latest version of the Bizagi Modeler. You can download the official 3.7 version available on our website ( .

In case of concerns please do not hesitate to create a new post, this time we will try to answer as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards.