"The simulation has failed" error in Bizagi Modeler 4.0

I am trying to run the simulation using the recently released Bizagi Modeler 4.0 .

In fact, I was very happy to hear that this version includes free simulation features, but I keep getting the following error:


"The simulation has failed.

Please ensure that your model is compliant to the BPMN2.0 standard and that is supported by the Simulation engine".


I have attached a screenshot of the error.

A few years ago, the Bizagi company provided x32 Bits modeler program in order to solve this phenomenon.

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Any solution on that error?


The model we are using is BPMN 2.0 compatible.

After validated the model created, no error was founded, but when we try to run "Simulation View":

after defined all information needed - from time interval to perform the activities, the entities/roles assigned to them (resources with no cost affiliated), editing an assigned calendar (which appears an error - seen on file attached),

continuing it would enable "Process Simulation", but when we run it on"Start", that same message appears...

Why this error message appear? What is possible to surpass this problem?