Switching to different process level

We visualize our process landscape into 4 Level (see attachment):

1. Process Model (Overview of all main Business processes devided in Management-, Core- and Support processes).

2. Sub Processes (Business processes can be devided into several lower Business processes)

3. Value added chain (Describes the Business process thought a sequence of "activities")

4. Flowchart (Describes each "activity" with its roles and responsibilities)

How can I model it with bizagi???



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Dear Glenn,

You can diagram what you need as a documentation portal in which describe each level of your organisation.

An example of it is:

A Documentation portal is a shared repository where people within an organization can access the company's processes and related documentation.

The following articles will illustrate how to organize your company's processes using Bizagi Modeler. With a simple click users can navigate between various levels of detail, from a global view to the most detailed information of the organization's processes.

The Documentation Portal can be created in your intranet (a file server as a shared folder) or any Web portal. Just click the Publish to Web feature.

It can also be published in SharePoint or Wiki.

Your portal must have an structure and hierarchy that aids its navigation. The images bellow show an example of this structure:

The highest level displays the functional areas and useful links.


The next level shows the processes related to an specific area.


The lowest level shows the process diagrams and their documentation.


For further information:

Best Regards