Switching between model tabs or editing does not properly work with V3.2.7.242

I recently update to V3.2.7.242 64-Bit under Windows 7. Since then I was not able to properly switch between model tabs or get a proper edit focus on model elements. Sometimes it works but most times the switch to the next tab does not work. Also the zoom function does work only sporadically. It looks like there is a problem with the content refreshing in the editor window. Sometimes when I zoom in and out again the model tab seems to be reloaded and displayed correctly again. The attached screenshot shows what happens when I try to jump to another model tab. I simply get a copy of the tab-line with every click until my screen is full! I already uninstalled and re-installed the Modeler but the problem stays. The previous Bizagi tool version worked perfect with the model file on the same machine.

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Dear Stefan,

We have fixed these kind of issues in our latest 3.3 version. Please download it from our web site (at and proceed to upgrade it.

Best Regards