Swimming Lanes being changed by Bizagi

Hi there,

I have been running into an issue related to Bizagi modeler that I thought was solved. Funny enough some 10 years ago I encountered this same issue, thought it was solved, but seems it is still here.

Please see attached file. In summary, Bizagi is randomly changing the swimming lanes as the file is saved, closed, and at a later stage opened again. That is when users are indicating that the lanes in the flow are being changed without them doing so. This has happened about 3 times in different flows with different users, which could indicate a bug.

The worst part is that changing the lanes up and down makes the entire flowchart wrong, as activities are wrongly associated with people and business areas, resulting in massive re-work, and insatisfaction by Users.

Has anyone run into this issue before? Any ideas on how to prevent this from happening?

Thank you and best regards,