Start Event not allowed inEvent Sub Process

If you create a new sub-process and indicate it is an Event sub-process before first editing the sub-process, when you do try to edit it the Start event is not available in the sub-process palette.

In order to create an Event sub-process with a non-interrupting start event I have had to do the following:

1 Add a Sub-Process to the main process

2 Edit the Sub-Process to add a Start Event

3 Return to the main process and select "Is Event Sub Process" on the Sub-Process

4 Edit the Sub-Process again

5 Change the Start Event to "Is Non-Interrupting

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Dear David,

The modeling action that you're trying to perform is not supported. It is not supported by definition of the Standard. Please refer to, page 242 to see the Start Events supported for Event Subprocesses. Do not hesitate to add more comments in case of any doubt. Again, we offer you an apology for the delay in our response.

Best regards.