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Software open but not visible

The Bizagi software in version 3.9.0015 has not worked for 3 weeks on my computer.

When I open Bizagi, the loading window is displayed as usual, only once the authentication is done the modeling window is displayed and then disappears immediately.

It appears in the taskbar and also in the list of open windows but simply remains invisible when I click on it.

When I click on it several times in a row, I can see a brief image of the application that is stored and then reopened.

Randomly it turns out that the application appears on some days.

Are you familiar with this phenomenon and do you know what I can do about it?

Thank you.

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Dear Cévina,

We are sorry this is happening to you. If this is still happening to you, please make sure your computer meets the requirements of memory and processing defined in this article

Kind regards,

Laura G