Simulation loop workaround

Hello everybody,

I have created a few

models that contain loops and want to simulate on all four levels that bizagi

modeler provides. Currently, in level 1 (process validation), I found

out that loops are not supported??? I assigned 100 tokens to my start process

and with the loops, more than 100 tokens end. When I look at my model from

which task(s) things go wrong, its the loop every time. When there is a loop

back to a task that task will have the amount of tokens that went through its

previous task + the amount of tokens that looped back to that task: the problem

here is that this higher amount of tokens continues through the rest of the

process and after each loop the amount of tokens increases. Does somebody know

a way to work around this? Should I remove all my loops or? I am eagerly

waiting for a response!

Thanks in advance,


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Dear David,

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