Simulation limitations

Hi everyone.

* Where I can find information about Modeler's Simulation limits?

* What is the format for functions and/or instructions that I can write in the Expression box for conditional events or gateways?

* It is possible to create variables and move them with expressions like x = x +1 during simulation?

I think that the simulation engine could be more powerful if admits this kind of things, but I suppose is due the free version.

Thanks so much.

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Dear Alexander,

Please refer to and in the "Considerations" section at the end of the article, you will find the limitations to bear in mind.

About the functions that you can implement, you have the following options: We recommend you to read the entire article and the three additional items of it.

The third option is not supported on simulation but it is supported on the Developemnt environment using Bizagi Studio:

Thanks for your suggestions and we hope this information might be useful for you.