Sections missing when published to Word

I have created a process map with around 30 elements in it. I want to publish this to a report so I have published to Word, selected all the elements within the process (which showed all 30 elements) and when the document has been produced half the elements are missing. I selected all the elements in the process, so this makes no sense to me. There were no error or warning alerts. They do not show in the contents pages or in the body of the document. This means I cant produce the report as half of it is missing.

Any help would be really appreciated.


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Hi Kat, thank you for your question.

If you are needing to include the process in a word document, there is an option to export the process as an image you can then include in your word document.

If this does not exactly serve your objective, please describe with more detail what you are needing. We are happy to help.

Best regards,

Laura G.