return a row of collection to me

hello guys,

i want to put a text box or search control above a table in define form section.

And when i search or type a "string" or "Number",The result of it returned to me as a row a table

For example i search "Alex" and in the below's table show me only the rows with this name.


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Dear Rezaq,

Thank you for letting us know your questions.

To answer your request, we have the following information:

An option to do this, the Suggest control dynamically filters a parametric table to choose one of the options from the results. For more information on the Suggest, please take a look into this article:

Otherwise, you would need to work with form actions and a button that executes them (for more information, follow this link:

Unfortunately, other kinds of dynamic searches are not possible.

We hope that this answers your question. If more questions arise, please let us know.

Best regards,

Laura G