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Resource Utilization


I have been running the Resource Analysis and I cannot understand the values for the Resource Utilization.

I have one process map. Scenario allows 7 hours.

Total minutes for all tasks in the process is 62 minutes.

I have 2 tokens with a Wait time of 300 minutes.

I have only one resource called Receptionist which does the very first task. That task takes 2 minutes.

The simulation shows that the Resource Utilization for the Receptionist is 0.55%.

How does it arrive at this value?


P.S. I exported my process from Bizagi as a BPMN file and tried to attach it but it keeps saying it is an incorrect file type.

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I have figured it out. I have post the explanation below so that others can benefit. Thanks so much.

When the first token arrives, the wait time for the second token also starts so the first run of the process and the 300 minutes wait time overlap. The total time spent on this process is 300 mins (time for first token and the waiting time) + 62 minutes (time for second token) = 362 minutes

362 minutes = 100% of utilization

1 minute = 100/362 %

Since reception spent 2 minutes then 2 minutes = 0.55%