Resource utilization

I i have 40 employees and a task takes 1 hour.

does bizagi run 40 simultanious processes of 1 hour or does it use 40 employees for this one task?

my end goal is to difine a category of employees that do a specific process. and everytime a token comes in i want ONLY ONE to work on it.

is this possible?

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Dear Huub,

In the simulation configuration you would have to define how many users will be assigned for each task. When assigning the resources you have the option of OR or AND. This will work as if all of the resources assigned will be working on the task or if the assignation will be depending on the occupation of each resource.

The task will repeat according to the number of instances defined. So, in proportion to your scenario, the simulation will run once and process one task of 1 hour with the number of resources defined and the resources will work all in the task when selected the option AND or by load when selected OR.

We hope this information has been helpful.