Queries on File Description When Publishing to Word


When I publish Process to Word the Title of the document (right click on file->properties->details) always comes up as "Nombre del Proceso" & the Categories as "Documento de Especificación".

Is there anyway I can modify these settings in the Process Modeler before I publish the document.

Also is there a way of adding tags (found in the same location details above for the Title & Categories) for the word doc through the Process Modeler?

I know I can amend these after publishing the document but it would be much easier & less time consuming if there was a way to set these values in the Process Modeler & not have to re-edit them everytime I publish an amended version of the of the process?



Dear Joe,

Thank you for your interest in Bizagi.

According to your question, there is no a way to change those properties you said right now. You can create a document template with your needs and styles. Please read this article:

We really want to check the file that Bizagi Modeler generates to you and the file you have modified in order to implement it in a new release.

Thank you in advance