Publishing to WORD or PDF freezes during the process


I am using a free version of Bizagi and I am having a problem with publishing of my diagfram to Word or PDF (both using quick publish and publish all options).

When I choose publish, it takes me to the first screen and ask for selection of the diagrams to be published. After doing so (and potentially change or not the publish options) I click next and it goes to the second creen (second dot on the progress in the bottom of the publish screen), it also shows the "select processes and elements" fields and boxes, but whole screen is grey and not active at all (waiting longer time does not help either).

From this place i cannot do anything other than closing the publish window with right click on windows program bar below.

I attach screens fro both publish stages that I am seeing.

Could you please let me know how to fix this and proceed with publishing?

Thanks a lot

Krzysiek Jankowski

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Dear Krzysiek,

Thank you for letting us know about this issue, we are sorry for the inconveniences.

Could you please confirm the version you are using? After a while we noticed some issues the 206 version has with publishing features, so we would highly recommend that you install the most recent version, which so far is the 226 (please feel free to use the following link for the installer:

Please, let us know if this issue persists after using the version 226, so that we can look further into the issue and help solve it.

Best regards,

Laura G


Thank you for reply. I will do so.

I have also tested other ways and it appeared, that after I have validated all flows/connections etc, the publishing was again available.

Still publishing of the process still in progress should also be availble:)

Best regards,