Publishing of process document from Bizagi modeler

Hi Team,

I am trying to publish process document from the bizagi modeler. My requirement is that published documents should contain only flow diagrams not the elements of the flow diagrams.

How can I skip the element selection during the document publication. Please help

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Dear Vinayak,

In the latest version of Bizagi Modeler. When publishing to PDF and Words formats, you have two options: Publish all model or Quick publish. When you choose the second, you can select the diagram and exclude all of the elements and tasks. It does not work for you?

Can you please perform the publishing step as mentioned above and share with us the result? Thanks.

Best regards.


I have the opposite problem. Even when I select all of the elements and tasks only the diagram is published. I have version 3.7.0110.


Hi Team. Please help me

I'm trying to publish the bizagi modeler process document to word, but when I try to get the message => C:Users\Joaquim\AppData\Temp\BPM2\ffc71431-14e6-4c76-8474-a8990782936e\34def60b-6842-415e-9dfd-4c5b51cd6cd6


Dear Joaquim,

We apologise for the late reply. I appreciate that it has been a long time since your comment and the situation may be resolved, but if you still have this issue I believe I can help.

This error is happening becuase Biazgi was not able to reach the file in the location shown in the alert message. One possible cause is that you are using Bizagi Studio remotely to edit the process model. If this is so, Bizagi will not be able to reach the location from the remote server. The solution would be to open the process model using an installation of Bizagi Modeler that is on the the computer you are working on.

Firstly, you would have to export the process model from Bizagi Studio, then you would need to open the file in the local install of Modeler. From here, the publish action should work as normal.

If you need to install the latest version of Bizagi Modeler in a different machine, please use this link:

Please let us know if this has resolved your problem, we look forward to your response.

Kind regards,

David Foster