Publication to Sharepoint issues


Our system administrators are reluctant to allow custom scripts for information security reasons. Is it possible to publish according to what Microsoft explains as an alternative (see below)? If not, will this be the case in the - near - future?

An alternative to custom script

The SharePoint Framework is a page and web part model that provides a governed and fully supported way to build solutions using scripting technologies with support for open-source tooling. Key features of the SharePoint Framework:

•The framework runs in the context of the current user and connection in the browser.

•The controls are rendered in the normal page Document Object Model (DOM).

•The controls are responsive and accessible.

•Developers can access the lifecycle. Also to render, they can access load, serialize and deserialize, configuration changes, and more.

•You can use any browser framework you like: React, Handlebars, Knockout, Angular, and more.

•The toolchain is based on common open source client development tools like npm, TypeScript, Yeoman, webpack, and gulp.

•Admins have governance tools to immediately disable solutions regardless of the number of instances that have been used and the number of pages or sites across which they've been used.

•Solutions can be deployed in web parts and pages that use the classic experience or the new experience.

•Only Global Administrators, SharePoint Administrators, and people who have been given permission to manage the Apps site can add solutions. For info about giving users permission to manage the Apps site, see Request app installation permissions.

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