Property window: elements not displayed correctly

Hello all,I'm using Bizagi Modeler since version 2.4 and up to now without any problems. Currently I'M using version, which was also working correctly for several weeks.

  • But for 2 weeks now I'm having serious problems with ill-formatted properties and some control elements.
  • When I open the property window, all elements are aligned to the right side.
  • Therefore most of the elements are displayed compressed - see screenshots.
  • A similar error occurs, when I try to answer a comment in a shared diagram - the control element for entering the text is far too small to use it - see screenshot.

What I have tried so far:

  • deleting "settings.conf"
  • uninstalling and reinstalling the modeler
  • uninstalling, deleting all remaining files, reinstalling
  • uninstalling, deleting all remaining files, deleting all bizagi registry entries, reinstalling
  • uninstalling, deleting all remaining files, deleting all bizagi registry entries, reinstalling, login in as different user

=> all without effect.

  • The problem seems to be releated to my computer settings (because a different logins on my machine have the same problems), not releated to my user settings.
  • Several other colleagues around me are working with the modeler too, they have no problems at all.
  • Since reinstalling does not correct the problem, I'm suspecting, that the modeler is using some format settings of windows, which are misconfigured on my machine.

So anybody have some ideas for my problem? Any help is highly appreciated :-)best regardsRoland


Dear Ronald,

According your description, we would like to know if your computer has the size of the display in 100% (Smaller). You can check on Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display

If you have this option in Medium (125%), please modify it to Smaller.

We look forward



Thank you very much - that was indeed the problem.I changed the setting to "small 100%" and everything is back to normal!

Never thought the solution would be so simple... Great support - thank you Regards Roland