Program hangs after using page header-footer button in print preview

The program doesn't respond anymore when I try to add a header of footer from the print preview window

To reproduce:

- open Bizagi (you don't need to open a model)

- go to [file, print, print preview]

- click "Header/footer"

- click "OK"

Et voila: you can't close the print preview window anymore. I tried to click the x-icon at the top right. Also tried to print (hoping the window would close afterwards)

You can 't even force close the preview window by right clicking the taskbar button and choose "close window"

You'll have to kill Bizagi entirely (via ctrl-alt-del, task manager)

I am using Bizagi Modeler v x64 on Windows

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Dear Miels,

Thank you for letting us know and for breaking down the steps to replicate the behavior.

We tried to follow the steps using the same version but couldn't replicate the error, so it might have been something related to other aspects in your machine, rather than an issue with the software.

On the other hand, we would highly recommend to download the latest version of the modeler (which right now is the, which is most likely more stable than the 206. The following is the link to download it.

In any case, please feel free to let us know if the issue is still happening or if you have any other question or problem.

Best regards,

Laura G