Process simulation - Gateway result is incorrect

Hello Bizagi Team,

When I run the process simulation the third gateway result is being calculated incorrectely. I set gateway at 90/10 but the result is 6 and 4 for total 40 sample.

Actually we should get 65 for task "Update the WorkNotes field and change the Task State to Open" and 3 for task "Prepare the setup change instructions".

I've already tried changing the gateway probability several times and still the result is getting wrong.

I cannot either change the Replication value or Seed value because the result for the other items become incorrect as well.

I have attached my process for your reference.

Could you please check and let me know how to proceed in this case ?



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Dear Karine,

To answer your question, we want to compare with a coin. When one flips a coin, one can have the possibility to get 50%/50%, 20%/80% or 30%/70%, but to obtain it, one needs to flips the coin many times. In simulation happens something similar. To obtain a good possibility, one needs to modify the seed and/or replication of What-if-Analysis:

•Replication: Number of simulations for the given scenario.

•Seed: Value of the seed used to generate random numbers.

For further information: