Problems connecting pools (collaboration)

I'm trying to connect two processes. At the begining I tried directly from a gateway in one pool to a process or event in the other system and this felt into error. Then I checked the forum and I saw that the connection is process-process, event-process, process-event and so... Now I've included an event after the gateway to connect to a process or event in the other process but I have two errors: 'the event should not have an outgoing sequence flow' and ''the connector is not connected'. Both are linked, because the connector start in fact in the event where the message says doesn't have an outgoing sequence flow.

What is happening? is it not possible to connect both pools? Only directly pool-pool?



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Good morning Francisco,

I´ve reviewed the picture sent. Just as clarification, the Message Events (with the envelope symbol) doesn´t need a dotted line between them, all you need to do is to include a Throw message and a Catch equivalent message, please be sure to use the same name for both artifacts. Maybe this is the causa of your error.

So yes, you can connect different pools using the Message Events, for more information please go to:

Thank you for your time.