Problemas na Publicação

Olá estou usando a versão 3.4.062 do Bizagi Modeler Free e estou com problemas para gerar o modelo / conteúdo no Word.

Não estou conseguindo gerar o conteúdo com todos os símbolos utilizados no desenho. O relatório é gerado mas de forma incompleta.

Isso é uma falha da versão ? Alguém pode me ajudar??

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Hi Christine,

As the indicated version is not supported, our recommendation is to use the latest version of the software available here:

In case you prefer not to update, please share a screenshot or a video with the scenario reported with us. This information will help us to better understand your requirement.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Best regards,


The URL indicated into the comment above goes to the "BizagiModelerSetup_3.8.0.218.exe" version ... BUT into the Main portal ( the download button (Modeler) indicates URL to the "BizagiModelerSetup_3.8.0206.exe" version?

so: Which one is the real latest new version?


Dear Enrico,

The latest version so far is the 218, which is not yet published in the main portal for internal procedure reasons. The version 218 has some corrections to stability errors found in the 206, and that's the reason why we usually share it with our users.

Feel free to use whichever you feel more comfortable with.


Laura G