Problem fitting arrows with boxes.

Arrows are not connecting with boxes. I always try to fit them in, but there comes a time when they stop, how to solve this?

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Dear Isaias,

Thank you for letting us know about this. To help you better with this, we would like to have more information. What do you mean, "there comes a time when they stop"? Is this moment consistent all the time (every time the arrow gets to a specific length it stops? if you are able to, screenshots of the model and the connection not working would help us understand what is happening.

Also, please bear in mind the following: first, you can use the menu that appears on the right of each element once selected to connect that element with a new one, thus you do not need to create arrows and move them around to fit the elements all the time. Second, the BPMN standard configured in the Modeler does not allow certain connections (for more information on this, please look into this article:

We will be waiting for more information on this topic.

Best regards,

Laura G