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persian language problem in bizagi software

Dear Sir/Madam

I use bizagi modeler software in Iran and i have lots of problems with persian language . Is there any solution to solve this language problem ?

Thanks in advance

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Dear Maryam,

Than you for letting us know your questions; we are sorry about the issue with language. Could you please specify what are the problems you are experiencing with the Bizagi Modeler in Persian?

Kind regards,

Laura G


Hello Laura

We were enjoy using Bizagi modeler but when we came to use Publish PDF we tried Arial and B nazanin Persian font but none of them had correct output. Every letter of every word became separate and there was alignment problem too our language is aligned right to left but in Publish PDF it changed to left to write . I should mention that we don't have this problem when we export to WORD . I searched for solution and I didn't find any . Our team would appreciate if you could help us through this problem .

please check the attachment

Thanks in advance

Maryam N