Performer hanging on the task box edge

Hi all,

A thing that would be really nice and resourceful is to have an option to display the Performer right on the edge of the task, and connect that Performer description with the swimlane and the Performer field in the task properties, altogether.

Today, we only have the option to display the Performer if we have a swimlane and in the properties, and they are both disconnected, but they mean the same thing, and they should be all tied up, including the Performer description on the task edge (if existed).

That also means that, if you change one of the 3, the other 2 change automatically as well. That would be heaven to have in Bizagi. It would just make documentation and model presentations so much easier.

Thank you.

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Dear Leonardo,

We are sorry to inform that our Product team won't be implementing this idea in the future due to implementation decisions. However, we thank you for your ideas and your interest in Bizagi Modeler. Please, know that every idea is received and assessed equally.

Best regards,

Laura G