Overview and structure of processes

After looking around at the learning

material, I'm still not sure how to go about making a full overview of all

processes and then drill down into to more detailed levels. Is it possible to

make this kind of tree-structure where you have sub-processes within


Where do I make that kind of overview,

because when I open modeler, it seems to me that I'm only able to make

individual processes, without connecting them to each other in a hiearchy form.

Secondly, do I need studio to connect data that a process uses? I work on a project which is primarily description of processes and the data that is needed to run the process and do not need any automatication.

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Dear Frederik,

Regarding your questions, yes, you can build multi-level processes using sub-processes. In fact, you can create a documentation portal. For example follow this article:

Regarding your second question, if you do not need to automate your processes, you just need to include your data through extended attributes: