Need Information About BPMN Simulation

I am working on Master Thesis. My topic is “Analysis of Information Security in Business Process Requirement Simulation”

I am using Microsoft Visio Professional.

I need some Information About Simulation of Business Processes.

I Proposed some Security Extension Stencils/ Notations to Business Process like Digital Forensic, Role based access control, Encryption, Awareness, Password complexity and many more.

I want to do Simulation of Business Process and make comparison to find Cost before adding Security Stencils and After Security Stencils in Business Process.

I also downloaded Security Stencils from different platforms.

I am confused, Is it possible to Perform Simulation by adding proposed new Security Stencils?

Is BIZAGI support import Stencils?

Your little help, will benefit me a lot

Have a good day

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Dear Saeed,

Thank you for your questions and your interest in Bizagi Modeler. There is a feature to import diagrams from Visio into Bizagi Modeler, which takes into account the Visio stencil the diagram is based off of (for more information about this process, please read this article:; however, it is not possible to import only a stencil to the Bizagi Modeler to apply to a diagram.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this might cause.

Kind regards,

Laura G