My simulation stops at event based gateway

When I run a simulation all the progress stops on the event based gateway (simple one - message or timeout) and nothing gets through.

I tried to make a new model to test the gateway (pretty much this ) and it stopped counting on the event based gateway even there.

What can I do to test it? I use 64-bit bizagi modeler

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Jana wrote:

Razvan Radulian wrote:

Juan Zuluaga wrote:

Dear Jana,

Sorry, I was confused with complex gateway and event based gateway. Please check the following considerations to take into account:

•The following BPMN elements are not supported by the simulation engine:

  • Multiple events: Start, Intermediate and End.
  • Complex gateways.
  • Event based gateways followed by none intermediate events or tasks.
  • Multiple instance tasks.
  • Multiple instance Sub-processes.

•The following diagrams are not supported by the simulation engine:

  • BPMN Choreography diagrams.
  • BPMN Conversation diagrams.
  • Transactional process.
  • Ad Hoc process.


Hi Juan,

There is a different aswer to Jane's question (see my Comment earlier today), as this situation is not one of the excluded cases mentioned in the documentation (since we have an Event-gateway that is not followed by a None intermediate event or task).

I'll be glad to elaborate, if anybody is interested.



Please do elaborate :)
How is it when one is received message and one is timeout?


Dear Razvan,

We have an example using 5 pools where they established a very good communication. You can simulate it without any problem.



I had the same problem with an Event-base Gateway.

Both of my paths stand without occurrences.