Multiple resources working on single process step


I am trying to simulate an adjudication process map where multiple resources (all of the same type) are adjudicating an incident at the same time. The idea is they pick an incident off a list and adjudicate it and then go back and select another one. I have also added a calendar for the shifts the team will be doing.

When I added 5 x an Adjudication Operator the process blows out to 16 hours and when simulating it, the process goes through each step before moving the the next process step.

When I add 5 different resources called Adjudication Operator 1, Adjudication Operator 2 and setting the resources used to OR when running the simulation the time reduces to 4 hours and the simulation appears to work correctly.

Is there a way to use multiple resources of the same type and have the simulation run each process step as a whole instead of completing each process step before moving to the next?

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Hi Greg,

Thanks for your message.

I've like to validate if, after defining the resources, you assign them to certain activities?

After you create resources (images you shared with us) you should assign those resources to the activities (attached image).


Juan S.


Hi Juan,

Yes I assigned the resources to each task in the process map.