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Multiple Bugs in Cloud Version

This Bizagi cloud version has so many bugs that I'm almost giving up. I'm testing it intending to acquire the "Team" license, or even the enterprise version, but how can I trust my process documentation in a tool with so many bugs?

Here it go several bugs I found in 30 minutes trying to bring my processes to the cloud:

1. When I try to save a diagram, I receive an "Out of Memory" error.

2. There's a broken object that I can't delete, rename, edit or do anything. I had to CREATE A FOLDER called "BUG" to remove it from my model, and this folder has already 3 diagrams I just lost.

3. Frequently, when I'm editing a Value Chain, if I don't save after each click, I lose EVERYTHING I did, because it raises a "Bad Request" error.

4. The feature of importing resources doesn't import the description of the resources and it's illogical - I need to go to some archive, create the resource, export and import in the cloud portal (Is that correct?) - and why is this option under "SUBSCRIPTION SETTINGS"??

5. The steps to delete a process is not clear. I had to research a lot and found many topics in this forum with responses like "We couldn't reproduce", "update to the latest version" (4 years ago), until I found out by my self that we need to check out a process to be able to delete it.

6. Constantly the performance drops a lot when we are editing the diagrams

5. The login screen in the Bizagi Modeler doesn't work with Google, despite the options is there, and for Microsoft when I reach to the final step it returns a blank screen. The only way to edit my diagrams is going to the Portal and clicking in "Edit With Bizagi"

There's no tool better than Bizagi nowadays, but without a better QA/Test process, it's hard to make any investment.

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Dear Breno,

We apologize for the delay in answering your post and for the issues you encountered along the way. Thank you for letting us know your concerns. Our teams are constantly working on these issues.

Kind regards,

Laura G